Inveraray Jogscotland

Keeping in touch

Regular readers might remember that our Winter 2014 edition (jogscotland Stride Magazine), we showed you a selection of photographs from a photoshoot with Inveraray jogscotland —including a picture of 80-year-old William Warwick joining the group in his trousers and jumper. William was a holidaymaker from Lincolnshire, who was training for a marathon and thought it would be fun to jog alongside the Jog Scotties as they posed for the camera! We've been delighted to hear that William has kept in touch with the group, with several of them sponsoring him on a recent 8K. They also sent him an Inveraray jogscotland T-shirt and a copy of Stride magazine. In return, he sent this photograph of himself posing with them both at the end of the race!