Inveraray Jogscotland

The Inaugual Inveraray Duathlon - Sunday 6th September 2015.


Results of the inaugual Inveraray Duathlon

group photo

Competitors and time keeper Tilly

race briefing

Race Briefing

race briefing

Race Briefing

transition area

Transition Area

race start

Competitors begin the first run through the Inveraray Caravan Park

Freya run 1

Freya completes the first run

Jacky Janet Transition 1

Jacky and Janet in transition 1

Fiona Transition 1

Fiona at transition 1

Alison Celene Transition 1

Alison and Celene in transition 1

Tilly on bike

Timekeeper Tilly

Freya finishes

Freya completes the race

Janet finishes

Janet completes the race

Fiona finishes

Fiona compeletes the race

resting competitors

Time to relax

First place medal to Freya

First place to Freya

Second place medal to Paul

Second place to Paul

Third place medal to Janet

Third place to Janet