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Kids on the Run

Kids on the Run starts out from Inveraray Primary school, Tuesday 3:30-4:30pm (selected dates during term time) - any Inveraray Primary P4-P7 children very welcome.


Tuesday 22nd November 2016

Another good weather session for the Inveraray Kids on the Run this week. We had a good warm up in the school grounds with a game called Dog and Bone (or grab the bean bag first if you can!) the rules of which almost everyone listened too leading to a few fast short sprints. We then used the pealing method of group running to get to our wonderful Castle grounds and the Shinty Pitch. We had a few coordination and balance obstacles which everyone tackled with (mostly) great enthusiasm...there was a Hop and Stop station and then the ladder skills and some cone weaving...then there was an impromptu run out onto the field with a moving target to go round ( This was Paul our long suffering helper). After this we did some amazingly successful weaving drills with the most runners we have ever had and it all worked very well indeed so thank you to everyone for listening and keeping safe. Some walkers in the Castle Grounds were treated to a fine display on pealing drills using both sides to peal off to the back and then the more complicated one sided pealing...if you wish to know more contact a Kids on the Run athlete and they will explain or if you are very lucky, demonstrate.
The Star Runner of the Week was Jodie McKee who did some very accomplished running herself but also was amazing as a helper to me in a very sensible and helpful way...she has the makings of a lovely thoughtful, valuable and trustworthy group member. Other runners very deserving of an honorable mention were Eilidh for some great running skills and helpful attitude and Alexander McKinney who also shows great promise and stamina, he listened and then did exactly as was asked and really did very well so thank you to you three, it was a pleasure as always and a big thanks to the rest of the group for a good fun session and to Janet and Paul too.

Tuesday 15th November 2016

Chilly winds did not put off the youngsters of Inveraray Primary school for the first KOTR session of the year. We had a great turnout with eleven P4-P7 for an introduction to running for all. It was fabulous to welcome new runners Autumn, Alexander, Sara, Lewis, Liam and and returnee Jodie. We have some exciting running times ahead and if anyone wishes to volunteer to come along and join in with us they would be very welcome. The young athletes all did very well indeed with some vigorous warm up games (including the immense Breathing/Screaming Game), some fast sprints and a re-visit to our old favorites "Peeling" and "Weaving". We couldn't decide and so had two Star Runners this week - Autumn for some amazing sprinting and plenty of stamina and Sara for enthusiasm and following instructions really well. The whole group was amazing and it was a great first session and wonderful to see you all again.

Wednesday 15th June 2016

End of term session for Kids on the Run in Inveraray this week.
The ever popular screaming game entertained the visitors to Inveraray on Wednesday as did the Quiz game involving many short or slightly longer (depending on a right or wrong answer) sprints. After the quiz game the thoroughly warmed up runners split into two groups to find a variety of clues around the town. The children led the stretches each demonstrating a stretch they knew and then had a very well deserved ice lolly back at the school. Each group member received a medal from group leader Fee and special thanks for each individual's contribution to the group. We also said goodbye to Archie who is moving on to High School, we wish him many fun running times and hope he will join in any Inveraray events in the future. Issy and Coll were unable to attend today but we wish them all the best and shall miss all three very much.
Massive thanks to Florence Aura, Rosie and Freya Corner, Janet Riddoch, Jillian McCreery and Paul Honey for their company and support over the last year.
Keep an eye out KOTR past and present as we may have some get together a over the holidays ☺. Have a fantastic holiday to helpers and athletes alike.

Wednesday 8th June 2016

Another sunny outing for the Kids on the Run this week.
A lovely little group today with Gill, Dillon, Lewis, Ashley, Eilidh and Erin. We ran out to the golf course and up the hill with a variety of paces and speeds. The young runners had a taste of off road/ off trail running using arms to drive up some small steep hills and to balance on the way down....we even managed to beat (most of) the midges and clegs. This rough running is good to develop strong calf and ankle muscles but can be challenging. We made our way back to the school under the shade with some run/walk techniques and quite a lot of chat!
Runner of the Week goes to Ashley for her cheerfulness and for running as a real team member, honourable mentions also go to Lewis and Dillon. They both paced really well on the rough circuit and followed instructions (i.e used their arms and didn't leave me behind), Dillon especially as he has been off a couple of weeks and fitted right back in.
Well done to all and thanks to Freya, Jillian and Paul for their support.

Wednesday 1st June 2016

A small but select group this week which gave us the chance to really work together as a team. The kids did some great obstacle course work at the Winterton improving their posture and balance (especially arms) each time they went round the circuits. When the midges started to join in the fun we moved off and left them to it by splitting into two running groups. One group returned to the school via the Castle grounds and one group got to run under the shade of the trees to the Scheme and then back to the school and well deserved juice. Tilly Cunningham was one Runner of the Week as she really listened and changed her running around the obstacle course dramatically...well done Tilly, and well done to Erin who on a hot day overcame her weary legs and took part with the rest of team KOTR.

Wednesday 25th May 2016

Lovely to be back with KOTR in the sunshine this week. We had a wee fun session at the tennis courts first followed by a paarlouf ( hopefully they can explain that one to the parents?!) session which all did really well at. We even managed to get a bit out of breath. Well done especially to Temma on her first time back in a while, it was lovely to see her again. We had a nice weaving run and then some peeling ( again ask for a description!) to the Castle gates. The session ended with an impromptu sprint for the school gates and stretches. Well done all on a warm day and especially to Izzy Crawford our well deserved runner of the week with her enthusiasm, lovely smiley attitude and not too shabby at running too!

Wednesday 11th May 2016

Lovely run out with five of the Kids on the Run which gave us plenty of time to work on some pacing out in the trails in the shade under the trees. We finished with a run round the town. A great fun session and below is the route( with a bit added on!). Tilly Cunningham was runner of the week as she showed real group running skills checking that others were okay , good pacing and fantastic leading of the group when at the front.

Jail Break Sunday 1st May 2016

There were some great performances by our Kids on the Run at the Jail Break on 1st May. For many it was the first time taking part in the event, whilst for others it was the chance to see if running in the Wednesday Kids on the Run sessions has improved their speed and stamina. Overall it was a brilliant turn out. There were 8 competitors from Inveraray Kids on the Run, more than have ever entered before. There was a fantastic effort by Gill who can be rightly proud of completing her first competitive race and claiming her medal. First time competitor Coll ran a great race and was the highest finishing local boy in a time of 16:19. He was just a few seconds behind other first timer Izzy who finished in 16:07. There was a great battle between two of the youngest Kids on the Run, Lewes and Erin with Lewes just getting home in front in a time of 18:14 with Erin just one second behind. For the most experienced Jail Break competitor, Tilly, who made her race debut in 2013, her consistent participation in the kids on the run sessions, and other training paid off as she improved on her previous best time by almost 2 and a half minutes crossing the finishing in 17:14. That was just 8 seconds behind Archie who knocked a massive 3 minutes and 35 seconds of his best time set last year. Overall first placed girl in the race was Eilidh who by crossing the line in 13 minutes and 1 second set a new girls course record beating her own best from last year by over a minute.
Everyone who took part this year did brilliantly, with all those who had run in previous years, improving their best performances.
For Coll, Archie and Izzy, next year will be a time to try out their running skills on the 70m climb of the Junior Jail Break. For everyone else it will be a chance to try to improve on their performance of this year.

Wednesday 9th March 2016

A beautiful day today for Kids on the Run and the group headed out south of the town towards the golf course. After a warm up the young runners did some impressive sprinting ( up hill too!) before taking a longer route round the outside of the town and back to the school. It was great to be out in the sun but Argyll did not let us down and there were plenty of muddy trainers and splashed trouser legs from the puddles... As we say " you are not a proper Argyll Runner unless you have muddy trainers!".
Euan Donan was the runner of the week, his pacing and stamina was much improved and I appreciated his help at the front of the pack. Well done all.

Wednesday 2nd March 2016

Back after the half term break and wearing new hats provided by the Active Schools Coordinator the Inveraray Kids on the Run had a blustery pyramid relay, a hill session and a longer run round the Castle grounds. All dos very well with some preparing for the local Kids on the Run Jail Break run in May.
Tilly Cunningham was named Runner of the Week, she has been practising out with the weekly sessions and her running has really improved.
Thanks to Jacquie Patrick, Florence Aura, Paul Honey and Janet Riddoch.

Pictured one of the young runners at the half way point.

Thursday 11th February 2016

Finally it has happened! A beautiful crisp Argyll day and some dry outside running. The young runners were full of enthusiasm and ran well as a group to the Castle grounds. In honour of Pancake Day we had several pancake races swapping and changing the teams about. There was some great "frying pan" handovers but not all the pancakes survived the experience! Quick relays like this are good for agility and coordination... with or without the pancakes. We finished the session with some weaving ( one runner "weaves" from the back of a single file forward moving group to the front) . Lewis and Aray did well on their first attempt. The runner of the week was Dillon Conn who manage to collect the most number of points in the relays and so was our Pancake Champion 2016. Well done to all and big thanks to Paul Honey and Jacqui Patrick.

Thursday 4th February 2016

Kids on the Run finally made it outside this week after a short warm up and some dynamic body looseners. Spot of drizzle did not deter the speedy kids tackle their first Parloof session, though speed was not the trick to Parloofing, pacing was, as a few faster ones found out towards the end of a tiring parloof session . A wee jog up through the housing scheme, and the children were ready for some hill work. With Janet Riddoch at the helm this week, the children got their first taste of chi running techniques to tackle a hill and all nine of them successfully “tapped and chipped” their way up the hill, using their arms (70%) and leaning in like ski jumpers from the ankles. Rian Pugh was awarded Runner of the Week for good use of arms on the hill, and generally all round great running. Thanks go to Jacquie Patrick, Paul Honey, Florence Aura and Rosie Corner for their help this week.

Thursday 28st January 2016

Another blusterous day with sideyways rain meant another indoor session for the Kids on the Run. And what a session...these guys are amazing! We had a good warm up showing "new to the group" Lewis why and how we do the pre running exercises. After this we ran the "Beep' test for the first time. This involves short sprints over 15m getting faster and faster as you race for the line before the beep sounds. The children showed their real endurance running skills by keeping going way beyond my expectations. We did discover that a future session might cover "running in a straight line"....Lewis did amazingly well for his first session, as did Aray and Ewan. Some folks ran much longer than I think they thought they would...Gill and Ewan. Special mention goes to Erin...that girl has some stamina, what a runner! The last three to run were Eilidh, Ewan and Archie. Euan and experienced runner Archie gave Eilidh a very good run for her money pushing her along but she was definitely last woman standing, or running. A very well done to all, I suspect there maybe some achey legs today showing a very good session. Runner of the week just had to be Eilidh Cameron for her stamina, endurance and very high standard of running.
Thanks to Paul, Rosie, Florence and Jacquie for their help.
Congratulations to Erin, Gill and Eilidh who competed at the weekend in the Athletics competition, to Eilidh for her first place in the u11's and to Tilly for her 5km run at the local Canter Around the Castle on Sunday.

Results (level)

Thursday 21st January 2016

Brilliant turnout for Kids on the Run this week for an indoor session. We were very sorry to miss Coll but hopefully next term we can realise the clash. We welcomed Ryan to the group as well as all our returnees from last term. We had a fast and furious warm up with a game of "steal the cup" and then a very successful obstacle course which has become more difficult than last year. Four repetitions of the course had everyone working hard and improving each time round. It is always good to assess progress with a timed run and we had some really successful pacing and timing in our minute runs. Everyone was very enthusiastic ( if not great at running in straight lines!) and the experienced runners supported the newer members. Aray McLaren was our Runner of the Week- he worked hard and improved after listening to advice and is a pleasure to have in the group. Well done Aray and indeed to the whole group.
Thanks to Mrs Patrick, Janet, Paul and Rosie for their support.

Wednesday 16th December 2015

We ended the Kids on the Run sessions for the Autumn Term with a fun event with a few running games (what else!). We were very happy to welcome Aray McLaren to the group and really hope he will join us in 2016. Coll MacKay eventually won a sprint game rushing between Rudolph, Father Christmas, some Jingle Bells and two Christmas stockings despite the fabulous running that everyone did. Next was a shuttle-run game with a collage picture to be assembled as the runners, including leader Fee (well,…we had an odd number!) dashed backwards and forwards with antlers firmly in place. The children worked really hard and with great enthusiasm as well as welcoming Eilidh MacPherson, the Active Schools Coordinator to the session. Our now traditional end to the term was the “Fairy Lights Run” with a change of leader each time a fairy light is passed…and there are a lot of fairy lights in Inveraray! Back at the School Eilidh presented everyone with a Christmas medal for the completion of the session and Janet provided festive biscuits for everyone. Many thanks to Janet Riddoch, Florence Aura,Jacqui Patrick and Paul Honey for their support and help. A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Ashley, Aray, Ewan, Manon, Coll, Archie, Eilidh, Dillon, Jill, Tilly and Erin…see you next year!

Wednesday 9th December 2015

A very different session for the Kids on the Run this week as the unremitting gales drove us inside to the Church Hall ( many thanks for the use of this ). We had a really fun session with lots of drills within the "exercise zone" and some recovery runs after a warm up of " Giants, Wizards and Dwarves"... has to be seen to be believed! We had an obstacle course designed to simulate the many hazards of trail running in Argyll.. We had many, many puddles to weave around (cones) lots of mud to run quickly through with high knees (ladders), some fallen logs to jump over with very active arms (hurdles) and finally some pesky small streams to hop over making sure we were well balanced before hopping on (hop spots). The children were great and improved each time they went round the circuit. A shuttle run session finished the hour with relay teams racing to collect letters and form a festive related word or words. Once we had established that it was unlikely to be that well used phrase " Christmas Fear" we got on very well! Ashley MacDougall had the vote of the leaders for Runner of the Week. She really listen and acted on the advice given to her... It's not all about how fast you can go but whether you can keep going and Ashley, along with others is really developing this endurance. Well done all and many thanks to helpers Janet, Mrs Patrick and Paul.
A massive thanks to Wilma from the church and her daughter Caroline for allowing us access and struggling through horrendous weather to let us in and out.

Wednesday 2nd December 2015

Finally a clear day for the Kids on the Run. We had great warm up session with some of the runners giving ideas on new warm up exercises and then a sprint game of Cat and Mouse. There was some very enthusiastic mouse chasing going on. The children then ran to the tennis courts for a fartlek session. This means adapting to a change of pace several times and is where we discovered that Ewan does not have a slow button! We finished the session with a town run as the children are now very good at staying safe and running with regard to other pavement users. The group get on so well together they were again a pleasure to be with. The Runner of the Week was Manon Clark- Mosseau who has improved her stamina and endurance a lot since she started with the group. She listened to the instructions and advice and followed it through for a really good session. Well done Manon. Thanks again to Janet, Paul, Florence and Mrs P for their help.

Wednesday 25th November 2015

Another great session with the Inveraray Kids on the Run. After a warm up the group headed for a hill repeats session which was great fun especially when trying to run uphill with your hands on your head. The group then split into two groups for a run round the town. The young athletes paced really well meaning that they went for further at a more steady pace without a stop. The very well deserved runners of the week were Tilly Cunningham for consistent improvement and great communication skills when running in a group and Ewan Donnan who is learning to pace really well and is very good group member. Well done to all runners today and thanks to helpers Mrs Patrick, Paul Honey, Janet Riddoch and Florence Aura.

Message to all parents that we have found bad weather accommodation so even when the weather is a tad inclement we can still go ahead.

Wednesday 11th November 2015

This week the Kids on the Run learnt how to run in the rain, and the wind and even the occasional hail stone. They were all true Argyll runners and rose the occasion magnificently. There wasn't a dry trainer between them but no complaints either. We had a prolonged warm up in the hall with some running drills and sprinty warm ups before venturing out into some drizzle which, just before our shuttle runs became rather more lively. However the shuttle runs were completed and the number of runs noted to be beaten next time. We had a good swift pace on the way back with the wind to help us! Thank you very much to all the soggy runners and the soggy helpers Paul and Janet too. The Runner of the Week was very hard to choose but Erin Naisby did really well on her second run out with some lovely posture in the drills at the start and nice pacing when outside. Very, very well done to you all. It was, despite the conditions, a pleasure to lead you all.

Wednesday 4th November 2015

Inveraray Kids on the Run Started back this week. It was great to see lots of old faces and some new ones too. The children buddied up with a partner with the old hands showing the new ones the safe way to run together as a group and how to watch out for each other. The new ones learnt our old favourite the " pealing" method of running and then we practised the "screaming" game-always a popular choice! The children were all fantastic, enthusiastic and listening to the advice that keeps them all safe. They were a pleasure to run with. There was no individual Runner of the Week as none of the leaders were able to single anyone out but watch this space as next week there definitely will be!